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The Importance of Faith Leaders in Spreading Public Health Messages

Public health awareness in hard-to-reach areas can be difficult to spread. It is even more challenging in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there are many tribes with varying customs and traditions governing social interactions within society. With Viamo’s technical support, World Vision found that faith leaders can play a vital role by using their influence among people to extend health messages into local languages using trust as currency.

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How Audio Messages via Mobile Increase Small Scale Farmers’ Yields

Through Viamo’s mobile technology, small-scale farmers in Zambia can now diversify their crops and increase yields while finding markets for their produce! The service requires only a basic mobile phone — and costs nothing to use. This is great news for farmers who will be able to secure year-round income streams even during difficult times.

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Viamo co-founders Named Canada’s Top 40 under 40

When Mark and Louis met as Engineers Without Borders Canada alumni, they shared one question: How can we use tech to meet the needs of people who are digitally disconnected? Their answer was in founding VOTO Mobile, now Viamo. And they have just been named Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.

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