Use Viamo to:

Only Viamo offers this service and experience.
  • Share valuable information with anyone who owns a phone in their language of choice.
  • Set-up hotlines, infolines, behavior change communication campaigns, and subscription services.
  • Use a combination of channels (voice, SMS, USSD, web app, IM bot, etc.)
  • Personalize the listener’s experience based on complex conditional logic and past behavior.

Don’t just send information; ask your listeners if they understood the information, if they intend on using the information, and what other topics they would like to hear about.

Behavior Change Communication campaigns

Spread valuable information with the general population through mobile — independently, or in combination with radio and TV outreach. Call your audience or let them call in to a toll-free hotline at their moment of need.

Example users: UNICEF, Population Services International (PSI), Fidelity Bank.

Staff training

Train your field employees through their mobile phones – independently, or in combination with in-person activities. Monitor their listening rates, as well as their answers to quizzes. Reward them with points, badges, airtime or mobile money.

Example users: National Democratic Institute, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Omidyar Network

Traditional with modern
The 3-2-1 Service makes content on many topics available for free because of our partnership agreements with telecoms
Photo: Ivan Mlinaric (CC BY 2.0)
Busy People
Call your audience and/or let them call your toll-free hotline
Photo: Brian Evans (CC BY-ND 2.0)


Incentivize and monitor behavior change through call reminders, SMS vouchers, airtime transfers and mobile money. This, combined with mobile surveys, allows you to measure the precise impact of your marketing on household activities, in real time.

Example users: AIDSFunds, World Bank, Oxfam

Subscription services

Send valuable information to listeners through their mobile phones over many weeks and months. The information will change over time as the context of the listener changes. This includes: farmer calendars, maternal calendars, voter education, disaster preparedness, and more.

No one but Viamo has the experience and features to implement subscription services as effectively, with our data dashboards, telecom partnerships, and global reach.

Example users: UNOPS, BRAC, Grameen Foundation.

Community Service
Promote behavior change regardless of age or literacy level
Photo: CARAT (CC BY 2.0)
Rural Farmer
Gather feedback from people who engage with your content.

Telecom partnerships

Through the 3-2-1 strategic partnership agreements with telecoms, make sure your content is available for free, on a national scale, and at the time of need of your listeners.

Bonus: Telecoms partners will promote the content for free to make sure people know it exists.

Data visualization

Visualize your data in real-time web dashboards, custom-made regular reports, spreadsheets, or through our API.

Widest reach

Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to reach anyone with access to a mobile phone in their own language, transcending distance, infrastructure, and literacy barriers. Our direct partnership with telecoms ensure the highest reliability at the lowest cost.

Mobile phones are now the most prevalent communication channel in the world
Myanmar Women listening
Customize and enhance the listener’s experience based on behavioral history (prior interactions) and intent
African Business Woman
Train your field employees via mobile and keep their skills sharp

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